Supplement to boost bees’ immunity

Oligofeed developed a scientifically proven supplement boosting bee immunity. Our 100% non-toxic and patented bee-feeding product reduces bee mortality and improves the production of the hives.

Bees are essential for all of us as they ensure 1/3 of the global food supply through their pollination. And yet, beekeepers all over the world observe worrying mortality rates in their colonies.

If nothing is done right now to help them, a world without these precious pollinators can become a tragic reality during our lifetime.

Multiple problems, one solution

The problem is complex, as there are many factors impacting bee health. From intensive agriculture practices to climate change and to globalization that spreads Varroa parasites and different bacteria and viruses – all of these are detrimental to their lifespan.

Lacking natural resources, bees and other insects developed deficiencies in microelements, some of which are essential for their vital functions. Their weakened immunity is no longer enough to fight against harmful pathogens.

Our vision is to preserve natural ecosystems, without replacing them with artificial solutions. Our first goal is to help honey bees survive. And quickly, as they cannot wait any longer!

Our patented molecule reinforces the natural immune system of the bees. It is based on a trace element naturally present in the honey bee organism. It is 100% non-toxic, and it does not leave any traces in honey. 

Key benefits for the honey bees

It has proven its efficiency in strengthening bee colony resistance against Varroa mites and diseases. Thanks to its anti-oxidant properties, it also helps fight some of the adverse effects of pesticides and pollution.

The product has been developed and tested by multiple independent research laboratories in Europe and the United States. Its efficiency was proven on more than 1300 hives in five different countries in collaboration with professional beekeepers.

Our product is 100% safe. We have conducted extensive toxicity tests through the protocols required by the veterinary authorities, proving the lack of side effects on bee health, no danger for beekeepers, and no threat to the environment.

What makes us different?

We are scientists before being a company. During 8 years of our research, our main goal was to understand what bees lacked and how we could help them. This approach led us to a unique innovation with very solid scientific and in-field results.

We know precisely how, why, and when our product works, and we can provide beekeepers with our expertise. We are not marketers, but scientists – and helping beekeepers is our mission.

How to use it?

For the best results, the product should be provided 3 times per year as a preventive treatment, mixed in the sugar solutions:

  • Sirup for the early spring and autumn feeding
  • Patties for the winter feeding

The product is not yet available on the market. Contact us if you would like to test the product!


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Is your product suitable for other pollinators?

Our molecule is based on trace elements naturally present in all living organisms. It plays an important role not only for bees but for all insects, animals, and even humans! Oligofeed\’s mission is to develop healthy micronutrients for other species that need our help.


Is there any difference in your product efficiency depending on bee species?

We tested our product on Apis mellifera subspecies, including black bees and Buckfast, in five different countries (France, the US, Spain, Moldova, and Greece). We have not observed any difference depending on the subspecies. The efficiency depends mainly on the starting point (we can only fill the bees batteries to up to 100%, no more 🙂 ).


Won’t bees become lazy because they are fed ready-to-go sugar solutions?

Our product (as with any other sugar-based bee feed) should only be administered outside the pollination season. Usually we provide them with such products during the winter, early spring, and autumn, when there is no or little flowering. If this is respected, we can then observe increased productivity rates during the pollination season!

Can you share your scientific results?

Yes! We are about to publish a comprehensive study on our product and its role for bees. If you are interested in discussing science with us, contact us!

Can your product replace pharmaceuticals, such as those against varroa parasites?

We are not an anti-Varroa treatment. Even though our product reinforces bees immune systems and helps fight against different pathogens transferred by Varroa, we do not recommend dropping anti-varroa treatment. The best results of our product are observed when used in addition to such treatments. 

I have seen many supplements that claimed to reduce colony mortality, but they did not work. How should I trust that yours is different?

Contact us and let’s test the product together, so you can see the difference 🙂